Model presented at B'bath

Helm, signed by David Lopez Quincoces, can be described as an "absolute" and iconic object that takes up the classic typology of the "faucet with cross handle" and evolves in a decomposition and recomposition of cylindrical volumes, according to precise proportions.
"I start from complex ideas - explains the designer - and then end up synthesizing and discovering a sign able to resist more effectively the passing of time and to bypass trends".
Helm is the first line of steel faucets launched by Zucchetti, both in the mixer and mixer version. The project has been enriched by the introduction of colors and textures, grooves and stripes that contribute to articulate and diversify the aesthetic aspect of the product, making it precious and technical at the same time, brutalist or super chic.
Helm's design starts from pure geometric shapes that combine to create a transversal and versatile line, particularly close to the world of architecture, able to respond, through the different solutions proposed, to the demands of the market, in all sectors: from commercial to hotel contracts and the domestic environment.





Stainless steel

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